Vision, Mission and Goal


The Learning Resource Center (LRC) aims to develop students who are disciplined, flexible, competent, and skillful “knowledge – users” and compassionate ”knowledge – producers”.

They are called disciplined, flexible, competent and skillful “knowledge – users” because they have the ability to work independently; they can work well with others and they know how to access and use relevant information for their own growth and development as persons.

They are compassionate “knowledge – producers” because they feel the need to teach and help the marginalized people in learning and accessing information through technology.

As an integral part of Xavier School, the LRC aims to provide an environment which will facilitate the realization of academic excellence and the formation of Christian values. More specifically, it aims to:

  1. Encourage the student to appreciate the virtue of cooperation and honesty.
  2. Foster habits of responsibility and discipline.
  3. Encourage a life-long openness to growth, thus enabling the student to learn “How to learn”.
  4. Foster and develop in the students an understanding, appreciation and a regard.
  5. To create an educational environment which will support such awareness, understanding and appreciation.

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