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HEART TO ART: Artistic talents in full bloom

February is the month where a library can become a garden. The library becomes a garden of arts and love as artistic talents of students and teachers bloom at the High School Learning Resources (HS LRC) in celebration of the National Arts Month 2016.


First to showcase their talents are the Grade 8 : XCE (Xavier China Experience) Fujian 2016 and Flexi students . The Chinese paintings of the XCE Fujian students while paper cuttings of Flexi students are currently displayed in the HS LRC until the end of February. Mr. Salumbides also shared his creations of Chinese paintings. The exhibit is entitled as “Blossoms”.





Another artistic ability is highlighted as Ms. Carmela Angeles’ paintings are available for public viewing from Feb. 9-17, 2016. Ms. Angeles is an Art teacher who teaches Visual Arts to IB students. Her exhibit is entitled “In Full Bloom” as her talent blooms from sunflower, peonies, giant poppies and stargazer among others. This serves as a teaser for her upcoming solo exhibit at Kape Pilato on February 20, 2016.


Aside from visual arts, the art of appreciation fills the air as hearts and hands in multicolored papers were mounted in the different posts of the HS LRC. This activity is initiated by Mrs. Trinidad Manongsong,  HS Faculty in the  LRC, to get the feedback from the LRC clients about the library. They enthusiastically answered these questions :

1.) What do you love about the HS Library? and 2.) How do you show your concern to anyone or anything in the HS Library?


These are some of their insights:


“The library is always welcome to everyone. It is the place where dreams come true. I keep quiet, which helps other students study.”–Paco, A.


“The library can bring you to a different world. I show my concern by returning the books I read.”– Paul, 11A


“The lovely librarians who work hard everyday. I make sure to always say thank you and please.”–Jacob,8G


“ HS Library can just READ your mind…and heart. They know your deep desires that comes in bound pages.” –Ross, HS English Faculty

Lastly, HS LRC supports the Arts Month through a display of art books for everyone to read. Art topics in these books run from how to paint using acrylics, to journaling to pottery.  These are various library resources that are available to support your creative pursuit.


book display


So, celebrate the love for arts this season. Develop the artist in “you”. Explore. Express. Experience. 🙂


by Ms. Ma. Virginia F. Cabalar


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