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Featured Faculty Reader of the month: Mr. Kenneth Oneal Gan

“Don’t work hard, work smart!” –KOG

Our featured faculty for this month is not a library patron when it comes to borrowing. He is not the typical visitor who reads or borrows books from the LRC. He is the type who visits the LRC during his “not so busy” schedule to check on the wishing wall and see what he can contribute to the collection.  Estimated 20% of HS manga/graphic novels shelf were donated by Mr. Kenneth Oneal Gan or Mr. KOG.  Negima, Tsubasa and XXXHolic, just to name a few, consistently sit on top of the circulation statistics. He also consistently donates other titles such as Dilbert, Kikomachine, Peanuts, comics, fiction and general interest books.

Mr. KOG belongs to a family of businessmen. His grandparents are from China; but his parents are both born in the Philippines. He is the second youngest among four (4) brothers. All brothers are doing well in their chosen fields. Theirs is a typical Chinese family who follow traditions but not religiously. They became less of a follower when his grandparents died.

From St. Jude Catholic School, he transferred to Xavier School (XS) in Grade 1. All brothers were also former Xaverians. He was active in Youth Christian Life Community (YCLC) and was a consistent honor student. His parents are not grade-conscious, but they had a way of encouraging him to study well (you could call it bribing). In the end he became more grade conscious than his parents. He considers himself a good student.

Xaverians during his time lived a simpler life. Back then, they were certain which college they would go or what they choose to become. Xaverians nowadays live in a more complicated world mainly because of the evolution of technology that they are more distracted. There are limitless opportunities for college and there are a whole lot of things to become. So he thinks it makes everything more confusing.

When Mr. KOG was younger, he did not consider himself to be called a reader. He saw reading as tiring. He only read books that he wanted to read. He was more into non-fiction and at the same time a visual reader. Being a visual reader that he has become, he later became a fan of manga and graphic novels. By the time he established his reading preferences, he started purchasing books until he had a lot.He frequents local bookstores and even when he travels abroad, he makes it a point to visit a bookstore within the vicinity. He usually brings home imported books about history, business, philosophy and teaching/education. It’s only recently that he started his collection on books about education due to his profession. Mr. KOG doesn’t have a reading style or schedule. He reads during vacation and long weekends. For manga and comics, he prefers to read online; but for non-fiction books he still prefers to read an actual book.

During his early years in college he wanted to be a businessman; but as he went along with his college life, his attachment and involvement with XS and YCLC has affected a lot of his decisions in life. He then had a realization that he wanted to become a high school teacher. He even got classroom observation as one of his electives. A business graduate from Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU), he originally applied to be an economics teacher here in XS. But since there was no vacancy, he was offered to teach either Christian Life Education (CLE) or English. His first job assignment in XS was a  CLE teacher, after five (5) years International Baccalaureate (IB) emerged and he was assigned to teach Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Business Management (BM). After a year, he became Student Activity Program (SAP) coordinator with TOK teaching load. Shortly after, he became the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) coordinator but he still maintained his TOK teaching load.  He feels very blessed for all that he has achieved. He didn’t expect that his career would turn out to be this successful in a short span of time. On his first year of teaching in XS, he took education units. His desire to become a licensed teacher was very evident early on in his career. He feels most rewarded when students are genuinely affected by what he teaches. He says that the look on a student’s face during his Aha moment is priceless.



Correspondence by Ms. Dianne Erika Lo
Layout by Ms. Ma. Virginia Cabalar

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