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Featured Reader of the Month: Ms. Bernadette S. Leobrera

By Ms. Dianne Lo

Badeth [ba-dey] to her colleagues…

     Now in her 19th school year, almost everyone in the community especially the HS unit knows Badeth. She is the type of person who greets everyone in the workroom “good morning” consistently. She’s reliable when it comes to announcements because of her loud voice that even other departments take advantage of. Her friends also say that she likes to eat and do something else like read, work using her gadgets or check papers/assessments. Badeth is like a girl scout who is always ready and willing to give or share. She always give people options, meaning she has more than one kind of every item she has. She is a lifesaver that always has this and that and never hesitates to help.  Her colleagues also praise her for being very organized and serious when it comes to work.

Ms. Leobrera to her students…

     Grade 11D Adviser, Production Crew Moderator, Mentor and Committee member with IB and regular load, Ms. Leobrera is a master in multi-tasking. According to her former students, Ms. Leobrera is a fair teacher, she gives high grades to deserving students and she is a good Science teacher. She implies discipline in and out of the classroom and takes duties very seriously. Some say she’s strict and can often be scary but can also be funny at times.  Some students admire her being buffed and some even labeled her as Mirin; meaning “Admiring”: internet slang for admiring someone’s physique.


10 facts you don’t know about Ms. Bernadette S. Leobrera

  1. Education – B.S. Biology, Far Eastern University and M.A. major in Environmental Education; UP Diliman
  2. Sports – volleyball, swimming and mountain climbing
  3. A licensed scuba-diver (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)
  4. Dream – to reside/retire in a “green” and self-sufficient beach house with nature at its best (solar-powered and eco-friendly house, clean and blue waters, pristine white beach, healthy coral reefs, with healthy plants and animals in the area and eco-friendly neighborhood
  5. Dream job – to do field work (ocean/ mountain/ land) in environmental institution to save mother Earth  (plants, animals and the environment) OR being an architect using eco-friendly materials and building eco-friendly structures and company
  6. Frustrations – Insane traffic in Manila, disappointing government policies and people, lack of good manners, respect and integrity of people, “Wrong idols of the young” and degrading environment
  7. Certified Bookworm – discovered her love for reading by the time she learned how to read
  8. Preferred genre – contemporary, historical romance, thriller, mystery and Sci-fi
  9. Favorite authors – J.D. Robb, Cassandra Clare, Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey and Sidney Sheldon
  10. Favorite Series – The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (currently reading Book#5 “City of lost souls”

Mortal Instruments Synopsis by Ms. Leobrera

     The story is about Clary. She’s an ordinary girl but apparently, she’s not. She is a Shadowhunter and her mother tried to keep it from her, to the point of blocking her memories to keep her safe. The adventure continues- her mother is in a magical induced coma; she encounters werewolves, vampires and faeries; and she learned that her father is still alive who is a rogue Shadowhunter, insane and evil. To complicate the story, she also met and fell in love with Jace, another Shadowhunter who eventually, she learned, is her brother. Simon, her bestfriends, is now a vampire. She also met Sebastian, who is her real brother. Clary and Jace fought her father to save her mother and the Shadowhunters’ ancestral home. Winning the battle against her father is not the beginning of a peaceful and beautiful life. Giving Jace a life after dying sets a series of terrible events where Clary may lose everything including Jace.

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