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Art-mazing books!

By  Juan Carlo Preza

Good news to all artists, painters and even art enthusiasts out there! The LRC acquired new Art books that will definitely boost your skills and techniques in painting. Bring out your brushes and prepare your paints with these newly acquired books. Check these out:

Acrylics in 10 steps: Learn all the techniques you need in just one painting

Oils in 10 steps : Learn all the techniques you need in just one painting

By: Ian  Sidaway

Explore the world of painting with Ian Sidaway’s master piece, “Acrylics in 10 steps and Oil in 10 steps”. This is just two of his few entries in the popular 10 Steps series that features more than 300 photographs and illustrations that will help you produce your own master pieces. Create an amazing work of art with the styles and techniques available inside this extraordinary book. Plus, there are extra activities and projects to keep your inspiration going!

Anyone can paint: create sensational art in watercolors, acrylics and oils

By: Barber Barrington

Having doubts if you can paint? Well there’s an answer for that, just believe that you can. Because according to Barrington’s newest released book, “Anyone can Paint”. Enhance your skills and turn your desires into painting as he introduces the basic methods and techniques in using watercolor acrylic, gouache and oils. See for yourself. Borrow this book now!

Just paint it!

By Sam Piyasena

In this book, Piyasena encourages his readers to experiment and play with their art. This book is packed with activities that are designed to motivate, inspire and break down any fears about painting. It also provides a variety of approaches and techniques to expand and improve your painting skills. So, if you want to start painting, this book will be your perfect companion.

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