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Get updated @ the HS LRC this SY 2015-2016

By: Conchita Teresa M. Olivares

There’s no better way to welcome the new school year than to unveil the significant milestones in the HS LRC.


First, let’s meet the new HS LRC Personnel. Ms. Ma. Virginia Cabalar is our new HS Librarian. She is professional librarian and a graduate of Bachelor of Library and Information Science at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in 2012. She handles IB resources and a mentor in Grade 9. Aside from books, her other passion is arts. She draws and paints in her leisure time.

prezaMr. Juan Carlo Preza has been with Xavier School since last school year as one of the HS Librarians. He is also a professional librarian with a degree in Bachelor of Library and Information Science at the University of Santo Tomas, graduated in 2013. He is in-charge of acquisitions and a mentor in Grade 7. He is a sports buff. He enjoys playing soccer, Frisbee and taekwondo.


Ms. Trinidad Manongsong is a Science teacher assigned to the HS LRC for this school year. She is tasked to promote and conduct research related to the library among others. She is a professional teacher, graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and also has earned units in MA in Science Education (Major in Physics). She’s interested in sports too. She is into cooking and enjoys experimenting foods.

Second, the existing library system will be replaced by a more sophisticated, efficient and web-enabled new Library Management System. With this new system, patrons will be able to view available resources online wherever they are.

Third, the former NExT Office was turned over back to the HS LRC this school year. With more students going to the LRC, this will address the need for additional learning space for discussing, project making and collaborating. These learning spaces are: IB Resources Room, Multimedia Room and the Collaboration Room.3 rooms

And to update the hardware in the HS LRC, the existing IBM computer units were replaced by iMac which came from the former HS MacLab. Some units were added to provide research and working stations for Grade 7 & 8 students who do not have iPads.ww

Finally, the Wishing Wall gets the most needed face lift by changing the wall from brown to blue and adding Minions to represent the LRC patrons. White board markers are no more needed, to make it more organized, boxes and Book Request forms are provided for each Grade Level. ww_2

The new school year brings us a lot exciting things to rave about. If you are not a “library goer”, it’s time to check these out. There might just be one or two that will interest you.

Come! Visit the HS LRC and get updated!

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