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[February] Reader of the Month: Kyle Brandon Tan of H4F


The student reader (and we can also say borrower) for the month of February is Kyle Brandon Tan of H4F who is known to close teachers and friends as ‘KT.’ Kyle or KT is not your regular high school student as he is now on his final year in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program and at the same time, captain of the school’s reputable dance group, Dance X. Amidst his hectic schedule, KT still finds time to do the other thing he loves–reading. ​Kyle never really liked reading books as he was growing up in grade school. His tutor had consistently pushed him to read novels, especially fiction mysteries like The Hardy Boys, over the summer and to make book reports about them. This dispirited him because he wanted to play video games and such that boys his age usually do back then. ​However, as he entered high school, something in him made him realize that reading is actually sort of fun. In the semestral break of his sophomore year, he had become tired of playing video games all day so he decided to give reading another try. He started reading a sequel from one of the books he read back in freshman year: Love, Stargirl. He slowly became absorbed in reading the novel, and soon afterwards, he finished reading it within the day. He then proceeded in reading two other books throughout the break: Perks of Being a Wallflower and the Fault in Our Stars. Since he had nothing else better to do, he would lock himself up in his room and binge read page after page. After despising reading books for so long, KT finally learned to appreciate and like it. He was initially interested in preteen romance novels, but his preference changed when he started in the IB Diploma program on his junior year. ​It was then when KT became aware of the vast variety of books other than the preteen romance novels he usually read. Furthermore, his passion for reading was ignited when he decided to prepare himself for his life after college. He wanted to prepare himself for the career that he wants to pursue later on. Kyle read books such as Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and the Laws of Power and eventually learned how to prepare himself for the future. Reading also inspired him to always live out the best of every day and helped him to become more confident. ​Now that semestral exams is ongoing and the externals is just around the corner, Kyle decided to borrow and stock up on comprehensive exam review materials. He is very thankful to the HS LRC because he is able to borrow the latest resources for IB which provided him the best possible review to help him do well in his exams. After Xavier [School], Kyle plans to be an Iskolar ng Bayan and is feeling excited for his college adventure in U.P. KT revealed his immediate plans after high school and expressed his gratitude to his “comfort place”: ​”Once I graduate from high school, I will read more books: books that I have already lined up for my personal summer reading. I’m sure that I’ll be able to learn more about myself and unlock my true potential to be the best that I can be in every day of my life. In this journey of reading, learning, and living, I am forever grateful to the venue that incessantly assists and supports me through it all–the XS High School Learning Resource Center.”

Correspondence and image by: Mrs. Mary Ann P. Flores 

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