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[SEPTEMBER] Reader of the Month : Mrs. Ana Margarita Nuñez

Mrs. Ana Margarita R. Nuñez is the new English teacher of Grade 8 and High 4. She is an AB Communication Arts graduate from DLSU and is currently taking Masters Degree in Creative Writing in the same university. Happily married and blessed with two wonderful sons, Maoui, as she preferred to be called, has been in the teaching field for quite some time. Her love for books and reading began very early in her childhood. Her mom, who was an English teacher, would read her stories. Another person who influenced her love for reading is her grandmother who was also an English teacher; she recalls reading her old literature textbooks while growing up. Maoui always liked the smell of old book paper. When choosing a book, she usually looks for old books or ones with good authors; an intriguing title also attracts her. She’ll open the book at a random page and read one or two paragraphs to check if it’s good. She usually distrusts books with flashy covers.

september readerDespite the heavy workload and busy schedule, Maoui still finds time to read. It’s her way of rebelling against the system because she finds that technology takes away so much of her time, dignity, and privacy. According to her, “people can now contact each other by phone or email at all times of the day. Technology, that’s supposed to save us labor, is what actually increases our workload.” So she just refuses to go along. She just stops working and reads, and she always feels better afterwards. Among the books that Maoui borrowed from the HSLRC, her favorite is the book “Bridge of San Luis Rey” by Thornton Wilder. It’s about five people—a crazy old woman, an adventurer, a couple of orphans and an actress’s illegitimate child—who fall to their deaths when a bridge in Peru gives way. A monk tries to write a book about of their lives and prove that their fate is a judgment from God. It’s spiritual in a way, but it’s open-ended and acknowledges the existence of darkness.

To her, the HSLRC collection is quite modern and up-to-date, and there are plenty of new books and materials. Its effort to encourage reading and the availability of quality materials is quite evident. All the HS LRC personnel are very friendly and accommodating. The HS LRC is so peaceful and comfortable, a real haven for people who want some time to concentrate on studying or to get lost in a book. Here are some words to encourage students to read:

Have an open mind. If you dont like to read, be open to the idea that it might be fun. Its usually just a matter of finding the right book for you. If you already a reader, then be open to the ideas that books will give you. Dont be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone. Read the books that people tell you are wrong, subversive, or dangerous. Some of the best books make people uncomfortable, so they acquire a bad reputation. Most people dont like to think, to undermine their tidy set of morals and beliefs. Dont be like that.

Correspondence by: Ms. Dianne Erika A. Lo (HS LRC)

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