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[JULY] Reader of the Month: Ms. Carmela Angeles

Our faculty reader for this month of July is a new teacher in the HS unit – Ms. Carmela Angeles. 2014-07-19 11.53.21Ms. Angeles may be new to the HS Unit as a teacher but she is no stranger in the HS LRC. She admitted that she initially goes to the library to answer crossword puzzles of Manila Bulletin as it is a daily mental exercise for her.

Now more than before, Ms. Angeles frequents the library and even brought her H3 Visual Arts class one time for research. It was this one time when she chanced upon two Filipiniana books. She was struck by the books’ illustrations and was urged to read them especially since they were ethnic stories of Ifugao and Maranao.

“I have always been fascinated by their [Ifugao and Maranao] rich culture and unique art,” said Ms. Angeles. It’s not just the cover that caught her attention; the titles also intrigued her. ‘Naging Pintor si Tominaman sa Rogong’ and ‘Naging Manlililok si Wigan’ are two books written by Felice Prudent Sta. Maria which focuses on art types – painting and sculpture respectively.

“These books are not just story books, they are art books that show some of the good qualities we inherited from our ancestors. They made me more proud as a Filipino,” shared Ms. Angeles.

Books talked about by our faculty reader of the month:

1. Naging Pintor si Tominaman sa Rogong : isang mitong Maranaw mula sa mga baybay-lawa sa timog ng Filipinas


Location: HS Filipiniana
Call number: F 899.2113 Sa5n 2012

2. Naging Manlililok si Wigan : isang mitong Ifugaw mula sa hilagang kabundukan ng Filipinas


Location: HS Filipiniana
Call number:  F 899.2113 Sa5m 2012

Image sources:
Naging Pintor si Tominaman. Retrieved August 5, 2014 at Adarna from http://adarna.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Naging-Pintor-si-Tominaman.jpg
Naging manlililok si Wigan. Retrieved August 5, 2014 at Adarna from http://adarna.com.ph/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Naging-Manlililok-si-Wigan.jpg


Interview by Ms. Dianne A. Lo of HS LRC 

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