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Rise of the Manga at HS LRC

Rise of the Manga 01
The HS LRC Manga Collection began in year 2011 when one generous HS faculty donated six volumes of manga to the LRC – one Negima and five Megatokyo. From mere six volumes, it grew just a year later when the same HS faculty member donated complete volumes of two manga titles namely, Tsubasa and xxxHolic. This prompted the rise of the manga collection of the HS LRC.

With the expansion of the manga collection, many students were drawn to the LRC to read and borrow them. In fact, Tsubasa and xxxHolic became the two most borrowed titles during the second quarter of SY 12-13, that very quarter when it was released for circulation. The students’ enthusiasm for manga and anime alike brought them to fill the wishing wall with requests for more titles of manga they want the HS LRC to acquire and to add in the collection.

This school year (2013-2014), through the students’ effort in evaluating their requested manga titles, the HS LRC was able to acquire not just one but five new manga titles – Naruto, Black Butler, Death Note, Negima (omnibus edition), and Fairy Tail. In addition to the English translated manga, HS LRC also processed and features manga in simplified Chinese – Ranma ½ and Dragon Ball.

Rise of the Manga 02

From donation to acquisition of various manga titles, the HS LRC now has a manga corner, a place in the library where the growing number of manga titles and volumes are stationed.

Rise of the Manga 03

Table 1. Inventory of Current Manga titles and volumes:

Manga title

No. of volumes available at the HS LRC

Call number

Black Butler


v.1 – v.3:     T55b 2010

v.4 – v.7:     T55b 2011

v.8 – v.11:   T55b 2012

v12 – v.13:  T55b 2013

Death Note


v.1 – v.12:   Oh1d 2003

Dragon Ball (simplified Chinese edition)


v.1 – v.42:   C T63d 2005

Fairy Tail


v.1 – v.5:     M37f 2008

v.6 – v.10:   M37f 2009

v.11 – v.12: M37f 2010

v.13 – v.17: M37f 2011

v.18 – v.22: M37f 2012

v.23 – v.23: M37f 2013



v.1:             G13m 2002

v.2:             G13m 2003

v.3:             G13m 2005

v.4:             G13m 2006

v.5:             G13m 2007



v.1 – v.5:     K64n c1999

Negima (Omnibus edition)


v.1 – v.3:     Ak1n 2011

v.4 – v.5:     Ak1n 2012

v.6 – v.7:     Ak1n 2013

Ranma ½ (simplified Chinese edition)


v.1 – v.11:   C T14l 2005

v.12 – v.38: CT14l 2005



v.1 – v.2:     G31t 2004

v.3:             F61t 2004

v.4 – v.7:     F61t 2005

v.8 – v.11:   F61t 2006

v.12 – v.15: F61t 2007

v.16 – v.19: F61t 20008

v.20 – v.24: F61t 2009

v.25 – v.28: F61t 2010



v.1:             G31x 2004

v.2 – v.3:     F61x 2004

v.4 – v.6:     F61x 2005

v.7 – v.9:     F61x 2006

v.10:           F61x 2007

v.11 – v.12: F61x 2008

v.13 – v.14: F61x 2009

v.15 – v.16: F61x 2010

v.17 – v.18: F61x 2011

v.19:           F61x 2012

by Ms. Shane Bl C. Capil

Image source: Google images. Retrieved January 28, 2014 from https://www.google.com.ph/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi&ei=HHDoUragOsnqiAfAlYGgDw&ved=0CAMQqi4oAQ

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