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Filipiniana Book of the Month: Children’s Book of Saints

Book of Saints - FIlipiniana Book of the MonthOctober 7 is the feast day of Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary. It is celebrated for the entire month since 1571 to encourage individuals, family and the community to pray the rosary if possible, everyday. Each year we are reminded of the month of the rosary so the devotion will be passed on and introduced to younger people or the new generation. Xavier School, being a Catholic school, consistently celebrates this important occasion by conducting rosary vigils, wearing of October medals, and displaying exhibits. HS LRC joins the community by displaying its diverse selection of books about the rosary and Mama Mary.

Saints are people who teach us new ways to pray.”  said Saint Dominic de Guzman.  He is believed to be the Saint of the Rosary. Read more about the story of Saint Dominic and the rosary in our featured Filipiniana Book of the Month, Children’s Book of Saints by Amy Welborn.  This book is available in the HS Filipiniana section with call number F 282.0922 W44c 2001.


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Filipiniana Book of the Month: Children’s Book of Saints
by Ms. Dianne Erika A. Lo

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