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Request, Evaluate, Read!

The upcoming titles for this quarter are out of the ordinary because these are the books requested and evaluated by the students themselves. Involving them in the book selection process may be a little too much, but what if this will get them into reading just the right book at the right place and time?

In the High School LRC, the students get to request for the book they want to read through the “Wishing Wall”.  The librarians will order them from the different bookstores and will be delivered to the LRC for evaluation.

Wishing Wall

To entice the students to join in the process, the books will be displayed for them to evaluate the  specific title  they requested or one that  interest them most. All they have to do is to fill – out the Student Resource Evaluation Form by:

  • ticking the category or genre
  • giving a  brief summary
  • expressing their opinion why they  think others might enjoy reading it
  • rating the material.

The task is so simple that the students find it quite enjoyable and easy to accomplish. As a reward, those who evaluated the books gets the first chance to read them.

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Once approved, the following students who have participated in the book evaluation will have the chance to read the books they reviewed:

Leland Villadolid G7A Brothers Grimm fairy tales
Myles Chua G7A Seven : the colossus rises
Rafael Co G7A The 39 clues : Cahills vs. Vespers Shatterproof
Leland Villadolid G7A The Unwanteds
Jeff Tan G7A Young artist draw manga
Jesse Ting G7C Garfield v. 1
Nicolai Concepcion G7E The 39 clues : Cahills vs. Vespers Trust no one
Ryle Ng G7G Batman : no man’s land 1
Ryle Ng G7G Garfield’s guide to everything
Juan Gabriel Jacinto G7H Flight volume 3
Daniel Gui G8A GN Blackest Night vol. 2
Darryl Kwok G8C Assassin’s creed
Wu Jan Alan G8C Halo
Gabriel DySun G8H GN Batman : gates of Gotham
Cliff Co G8H Diary of a wimpy kid : the Third wheel (book 7)
Mattew So G8I GN Fantastic Four  vol. 5
Martin Ocampo Tan G8J GN Artemis Foul : the eternity code
Martin Ocampo Tan G8J GN Captain America vol. 1
Martin Ocampo Tan G8J GN GTO [Great Teacher Onizuki]1
Martin Ocampo Tan G8J GN GTO [Great Teacher Onizuki]2
Josiah Uy G9A GN Avenging spider-man
John Amador G9A GN Deadpool : dead
John Amador G9A GN Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine
Orlean trinidad G9A GN The Amazing Spider man : behind the mask
Orlean trinidad G9A GN Ultimate comics : Hawkeye
Orlean Trinidad G9A Black butler manga [ 1-13]
Franco delos Reyes G9C Flight volume 2
Franco delos Reyes G9C GN Wolverine and the X-men [hardbound]
Alain Lee Jr. G9F GN Lucifer
Seth Tan G9G Invincible
Jorge Jacob Yulo G9G GN Batman : time and the batman
Frederick Wong H2C Negima vol. 29
Aaron Cheng H2C GN Batman : streets of Gotham
Steven Liao H2G Black butler manga [ 1-13]
Nikson Kho H2H GN Astonishing X – men : Monstrous
Christian Cheng H2B GN Batman : heart of hush
Gerik Tan H3G GN Spellbinders
Paolo Jeanjaquet H4A Gone : Plague Book 4
Paolo Jeanjaquet H4A Gone : Fear Book 5

Request, Evaluate, Read!
by Mrs. Conchita Teresa M. Olivares

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