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[Preview] Start Your Business Now! Entrepreneur February Issue

entrep feb13

Entrepreneur Magazine | Philippines | February 2013 available now in HS LRC!


The Biz

  • Numbers and insights
  • Trends
  • Leading the Field: DataOne Asia takes the green IT road
  • Opportunity of the month
    • Smile Squared : Brushes with Greatness : Buy one-give one scheme breathes new life into CSR


  • Kwan Initiatives : Using crowdsourcing to fight shameless politics.
  • F*ART : Fashion maven Happy Andrada rolls fashion design, events management and styling into one.
  • Guevarra’s : Chef couple Rolando and Jacqueline Laudico bring back fiesta food with an old-mansion ambiance.
  • Back to the Roots : Grads Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez ditch corporate jobs for mushroom farming.

Start It Up

  • Beyond interviews and CVs
    • Finding and keeping good employees is a skill even family businesses need. Featuring Michelle Lim-Gankee of Sterling Paper Products.
  • Practical knowledge :
    • The skills they acquire and the money they earn abroad can help OFWs become ‘treps in no time. Featuring Ronald and Lisa Torres of TNJ Catering Services.
  • The expats
    • American couple Braden Perkins and Laura Adrian conquer the Paris food scene.
  • Microbusiness : Helping Hands
    • DSWD’s Sustainable Livelihood Program helps poor households get into entrepreneurship.


  • Growth capital: Financing in faith
    • Esquire Financing Inc. goes beyond financing SMEs, and gets more business as a result.
  • Personal finance:  How to be a loan star
    • Things to consider before lending money to friends and family.
  • A whole new trip
    • Entrepreneur capitalist Sam Hogg reveals the truth about raising more money.
  • Financial adviser: going public to raise money
    • Undertaking an IPO will raise you some cash, but also some responsibilities.


  • All about IP
    • Take ownership and control of your intellectual property.
  • Power to the people
    • Four techpreneurs of Sari Software Solutions set out to empower sari-sari storeowners through apps.
  • IT for small biz: mix and maximize
    • Small businesses must know how to balance security and cost with scalability.
  • Ask a geek: get me wired
    • Tips on looking for a shared workspace for the startup’s tech needs.
  • Shiny objects: the bigger picture
    • These portable projectors can give an edge to your pitch and presentation.

Doing Business

  • Ready for the big show
    • Renewable energy is now even more of a necessity. Get in position to ride the wave of the future.
  • Gone truckin’
    • The next big thing in food business requires agility and flexibility.
  • Ask a pro: Satisfaction guaranteed
    • How do you survive irate customers and negative feedback?
  • 15 ways to keep and attract customers
    • Listen to what three sales and management experts have to say. Featuring Josiah Go, Malu Dy Buncio, and Steven DeKrey.
  • Viva Manila
    • The man overseeing Solaire’s coming-out party explains why Manila is where it’s at. Featuring Solaire Resort and Casino COO Michael French.


  • A very good year
    • ‘Seasonal’ franchises are finding new ways to sustain their operations all year round.
  • Crash landing
    • Once a patient himself, this ‘trep now provides the quality healthcare that saved his life. Featuring Rick Collett of BrightStar Care.

Trep how-to

  • Pump it up! Learn how to set up a gasoline station.


  • Shop!: Shoe in
    • Whether you’re dressing for a business metting or having a casual day, step in style with these perfect pairs.
  • Style: Full spectrum
    • Andrea del Rosario of Longganisa Sorpresa
  • Recreation: Into the deep
    • A boutique dive center offers guests the complete resort experience. Featuring Acacia Resort and Diver Center.
  • Books: Building business
    • Get some first-hand accounts to help you start and grow your business.

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