Celebrate Libraries, Books and Reading

Throughout the Philippines, November is a month – long celebration for libraries, information, books and reading.

By virtue of the Presidential Proclamation 837 in 1991, the month of November is declared the “National Libraries and Information Services” month. It focuses on the vital role of the library in the life of every Filipino, as there is one in every institution of learning, city and municipality, and government and private office. The public, especially students, are encouraged to visit a library as here can be found a treasure trove of knowledge and information in books and other materials.

National Book Week is an annual celebration slated every last week of November, organized by the Philippine Library Association intended to encourage reading and literacy among Filipinos and to promote public libraries in the Philippines.

araw ng pagbasaThe Araw ng Pagbasa Act of 2011 is Senate Bill No. 2678 introduced by Senator Teofisto Guingona III which aims to promote reading and literacy skills among students in all public and private elementary and secondary schools in the Philippines. It also seeks to encourage them to learn from the lives and, remarkable works of eminent Filipinos, uphold national heritage and values and stimulate awareness about various cultures and philosophies. With reading, students are trained to become lifelong learners. This day is dedicated to the former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., who was born on 27 November 1932, was a celebrated reader and a lover of books. To honor him as an icon of democracy, “Araw ng Pagbasa” shall emphasize , that reading is a source of people empowerment and that it is a tool to expand one’s knowledge and imagination.  Araw ng Pagbasa this year was celebrated by no less than the President of the Philippines through a storytelling session with selected students from public schools.  Below is a video of the event:

To celebrate reading, HS LRC stages Fr. Ismael Zuloaga’s Books and Mementos exhibit. This exhibit marks the 40th day of his demise and it showcases his book collection and memorabilia.  Fr. Zulo, with his vast book collection, was indeed a reading icon.

Fr Zulo Exhibit


Aside from these events, the month of November has been declared as Environment Awareness Month. This event is an effort to promote national awareness on the role of natural resources in economic growth and the importance of environmental conservation and ecological balance towards sustained national development. The photo on the left side is taken from The National Environmental Education Action Plan forum conducted by the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines held at Cebu in 2010 to initiate the Awareness activity during that year.  To highlight this event, the HS LRC, in cooperation with the Science Departement staged the H1 Photo Exhibit: Light and Environment.  This exhibit promotes environmental awareness through the vivid photographs taken by the H1 students.

h1 photo exhbit

These exhibits will run until the 19th of December 2012. HS LRC wishes to thank the DAR and China Offices and the Science Department for making these exhibits possible.

Celebrate Libraries, Books and Reading
by Mrs. Conchita Teresa M. Olivares


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