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Eco-Wallets: the latest in Green Fashion

In May 2011, Xavier School alumni from Batch 2010, Timothy Ahyong, Marvin Limjuco, David Tan, Matthew Par, Butch Campos, and Royce Leong started a business called The Weekend Project. What’s the project? A customized, environment-friendly paper wallet made of Tyvek that is lightweight, tear-resistant and waterproof.

To learn more about The Weekend Project, check out the the article Fun with paper in the latest issue (November 2012) of Entreprneur Magazine from HS LRC (page 25).

Eco-Wallets: the latest in Green Fashion
by Ms. Shane Bl Capil, Librarian

Carpio, C. (2012, November). Fun with Paper. Entrepreneur Magazine, vol. 13, 25.
The Weekend Project Online Shop. (n.d.). Multiply Marketplace Philippines . Retrieved November 8, 2012, from http://paperwallets.multiply.com
Images retrieved November 8, 2012 from The Weekend Project Facebook Web Page http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Weekend-Project

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