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The latest additions to LRC graphic novels collection are coming your way this year. Read what the XS Comix Club members had to say about these:

Avengers: the origin

It tells how the Avengers came to be and assemble for the first time. It also shows teamwork and how they should work together to accomplish something better.”

Book Evaluation made by Juan Santos H2G

Fear itself: Avengers Academy

The people of the Avengers Academy are in trouble. They must fight evil.

It is safe for children to read because there is not much violence. This book is somewhat similar to DC Comics so that those who enjoy them will definitely enjoy this too.”

– Book Evaluation made by Jared Chiang H2E

Fantastic Four: Season One

It is a very interesting book because it begins it all. It is interesting to see how the Fantastic Four started because they got their powers together and made a superhero team together.”

– Book Evaluation made by Joshua Soon H3C

Official handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z

“ This book is about the characters of the Marvel universe. This would be good for students to start getting into comics.”

– Book Evaluation made by Branden Temew H2A

Ultimate Comics: X – Men

The mutants are being hunted down because the people are scared of them.

I think that others will enjoy reading it because the artwork is cool and there are fights which are also good.”

– Book Evaluation made by Audric Sy H4B

X-Men Legacy

When Marvel girl sends a telepathic SOS to Rouge. Rouge takes a team of X-Men and Magnet and Gambit to try to save her in space.

The artwork of the book is very excellent and vibrant. The story is very imaginative. The cover of the book invites you to read it. “

– Book Evaluation made by Alfonso Ocampo H2E

X-Men: Season One

The book is about the X-men’s early years and adventure. I think the action, adventure and teen drama will keep the readers’ attention, however, this book shpuld only be for High School”

– Book Evaluation made by Antonio Go II H4B

One of the things HS LRC does to ensure that books in the collection are representative of its clients’ interest is to encourage the students to participate in the selection of resources. In this case, the members of the XS Comix Club had their share of recommending  graphic novels for the library.    Likewise, non-club members can also recommend titles which are not available in the LRC yet through our Wishing Wall.

Lastly, we would like to thank Mr. Alexander Santos for facilitating the book evaluation of these graphics novels.

by: Mrs. Conchita Teresa M. Olivares


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