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“Borrowing a maximum of ten books was a great idea and being given a chance to renew the books for another two weeks was even more exciting!” –Kyle Kennvic Sy, 8E

Being a new student in Xavier School, and adjusting to the new environment were never a problem with Kyle. He spends his time wisely by meeting new friends, familiarizing himself with his teachers and knowing more about our school by exploring the HS library. He finds the HS LRC big and is enthralled by the vast selection of titles to choose from. His favorite spot is the General Collection Area, where he found an interesting book entitled Train man: the novel.

Densha Otoko or translated as TRAIN MAN is a very popular book published in Japan which became a multimedia sensation — TV series, blockbuster film and a manga series.  It is a fairy tale of a nerdy guy who fell in love with a girl he met by accident.  As the experience is  completely new to him, and due to his “geeky” nature, Trainman sought the advice of his online pals.

Be our next Library Explorer! Come and visit the HS LRC!

by Mrs. Mary Ann P. Flores

HSLRC: Train man: the novel is available at the HS General Collection Area with call number 895.636 N14t 2006


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