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UPCOMING TITLES: Middle School edition

This school year, the High School LRC is developing a collection suited for the middle schoolers. These titles are carefully reviewed and evaluated by the teachers, librarians and administrators to ensure their quality and suitability. The students are also involved in this process by way of requesting books through the LRC’s Wishing Wall or by making book reviews of titles worthy reading. Here are some titles:

The Heroes of Olympus Book 2: The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson, after three months wakes up with no memory of his past. In an attempt to reach camp half blood he meets Hazel and Frank. And now the three of them are heading to Alaska to fight a giant and save death. It shows how much they want to win even though it would mean death. And also it shows how close friends can and even tell their deepest darkest secret.

— An excerpt from the book review [LRC XerviSe project] made by Quade Ong, Grade 8C

The HS LRC has the “The Lost Hero” and “The Mark of Athena” is underway.

Countdown by Deborah Wiles

A lesson to be learned after reading this is life and love truimphs no matter how hard and perilous times are. Though Fanny’s seemed to be in constant peril, she finds out in the end that one learns how to appreciate life and love after being exposed to danger.”

— An excerpt from the review made by Ms. Aileen Qintinita, former GS English Teacher

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series by Heather Brewer

“This book is an innovative way of presenting supernatural creatures such as vampires, for children. It also talks about certain topics that must be handled with the supervision of parents.  The novel discusses relevant issues teens can identify with, from bullying to family problems. It also has a very likable protagonist in the person Vladimir Tod. I believe that this book will be more suited for teens ages 13 [Grade 8] and above.

— An excerpt from the review made by Mr. Alexander E. Santos, MS English Teacher

UPCOMING TITLES: Middle School edition
by Mrs. Conchita Olivares
HS Librarian


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