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Filipiniana Book of the Week: On your own, doing research without plagiarizing

The month of November was declared “Library and Information Services (LIS) Month” through Presidential Proclamation 837 in 1991.  Just like any library, LRC offers services such as literacy skills program, library use orientation, readers services and  printing.   Another service that LRC offers is guided research.  While most of the research skills are taught in the ILSP classes, the librarians offer guided research to students and teachers who goes to the library to do their research.

For those who don’t have enough time for guided research, there are books which will help you jumpstart your research work or guide you in finishing your papers.  One of these books is ON YOUR OWN: DOING RESEARCH WITHOUT PLAGIARIZING by Eloisa Ventura.  It includes discussion on plagiarism, an overview on the research process, tackles note taking and includes citation.  This Filipiniana Book of the Week is available at the GS LRC with call number F 001.4 V56o.

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